Colorado TBC  

Process Piping


At Colorado TBC process piping is our specialty.  Whether in the petrochemical, mining, power, fossil fuel, gas transmission or commercial sectors, Colorado TBC has the experience you need to complete even the most complex projects in the process piping arena.

Colorado TBC and its professionals have been involved in process piping construction from our first days in the field.  From high profile projects such as the first commercial 10,000 BPD Oil Shale facility in the world, to commercial facility developments of various types and sizes to installed irrigation pumping facilities, Colorado TBC has worked-up, worked with and worked through nearly
every conceivable process piping situation.

Our broad based experience has involved all types of systems fabrication and installation including alloys, PVC's, HDPE and fiberglass.  We can develop engineered systems with our engineering firms or yours, and/or we can fabricate owner supplied designs on-site or for delivery.

Our recent process piping experience includes some of the most complex conditions and systems such as operating pressures ranging from a vacuum to 2,100 PSIG, temperatures in excess of 600°F, and corrosive conditions. With this kind of experience, you can be sure that Colorado TBC can perform whatever fabrication, installation and maintenance you need, in whatever service conditions may occur.

We excel in field work, modifications and upgrades of existing systems and have successfully completed projects that others have turned down stating "this cannot be done". Bring us your problem...Colorado TBC will build you a solution!

Let us provide you with project profiles, references and a proposal on your next process piping job in any of the following areas:

  • Petrochemical facilities
  • Oil shale facilities
  • Mine and mill circuits
  • Ski area snow making
  • Hydroelectric pen-stock work
  • Underground "Yard" piping at facilities
  • ASME, ANSI B31.1, ANSI B31.3 and API 1104 Piping codes